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Bespoke, British, Handcrafted, Wedding Veils

We have been crafting wedding veils for over 30 years, as experts in our craft we use only the finest quality materials and tulle; to create your veil.

Nearly all of our wedding veils are highly customisable in style and length, and come in a variety of colours, so you can make your veil truly yours.

All of our wedding veils are handcrafted in the Wales, UK by our expert team, and each veil is hand signed by your veil specialist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a white veil?

Often when trying on and looking for your wedding dress you may notice how light in colour it is, but usually that colour is in fact Ivory!

This can be tricky and deceiving as brides can be convinced their dress is white but a white wedding dress is quite a  rare occurrence.

The majority of veils we are asked for are Ivory. We do  however offer a wide choice of colours to suit any dress. If in doubt you can confirm the colour of your dress from your bridal shop just to be sure

Can I iron my veil?

Sorry, no you can't. Even if you have the best branded and top notch iron on the market our delicate Italian tulle is simply too much of a risk to take burning your veil.

We have specialist equipment at our factory to iron your veil at each stage of production and also just before it is boxed, so when you recieve it it shouldn't be too creased.

What we can advise is hanging your veil at height in a safe place once you have it and gently steaming on the day if necessary. See our useful care tips for your Joyce Jackson veil.

Facepiece or no facepiece?

Also known as the 'blusher' and is the typical traditional style of veil worn over the face when walking up the aisle during the ceremony.

Designs have changed over the years and just like fashion the blusher has its cycles, however it once was standard practice that all brides wore veils with two layers, one being over the face whilst saying their vows to their beloved.

Nowadays we see an almost equal split of brides who do and brides who don't.

Our facepiece comes in standard 30inch length but all of our veils can be custom to your requirements. Which leads us nicely into sizing.

What length veil should I choose?

Once you've chosen facepiece or no facepiece, the next big decision is length. Simply, a single tier veil starts from the comb and flows in one piece and a two tier veil has a blusher and the rest of the veil length to whatever you require.

Some manufactures make the two tiers as two separate pieces that are attatched together but as our veils are cut by hand (no machines!), using a technique that has been passed down the Jackson generations, means that they are cut from one piece of tulle and attached to the comb to form two layers as a blusher and longer length of veil.

Our single tier veils come in Waist (30'), Hip (42'), Full (78'), Train (96') and Cathedral lengths (114'). Our two tier veils are  54', 72', 108', 126' and 144' inches long.

Choosing the length of your veil can be overwhelming because usually you'll only wear it once in your life (no pressure to get it just right) and the length can compeltely alter the look of the dress and style you are going for.

You don't want your veil to seem like an afterthought so getting the length right creates all the difference.

Our Cathedral veils have been more popular in recent years than ever, they are dramatic, make a statement of their own and celebrities have really encouraged the longer the better trend. That's not to say that short isn't sweet.

We love shorter our veils, and the right length with the right look can be classic. They allow the dress to take centre stage whilst fashionably and delicately complementing it. It's all about personal choice and sometimes if you know you just know.

Do you want them classic keepsake images of your bridesmaids arranging your veil for you? Or the veil flyaway shot? Or do you want a little more freedom, with volume and a look that'll see you through to the dance floor. Decisions decisions.

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